Sunday, July 01, 2012

Pg 2 Dr. Bill Winston

Pg 2 Dr. Bill Winston

Train your spirit to receive the Blessing in your life
Matthew 12:35-37
By your words, it will come to pass
Blessing released in my life and confirmed to walk in the abundance
The Kingdom is inside you and you don't have to live by the worlds standards!!!
The POWER of the Blessing is inside me!!!
Psalms 8:5
ALL things are under my feet

Unglue your lips to speak the Blessing
Born again? You have an Inheritance!
I am an owner, I take ownership!
The earth is the LORDs and the fullness thereof
115:16 Ps
1 Corinth 3:21
GOD has a family

Satan has a family
John 8:44

Psalm 105:37
Silver and gold
I'm coming out but I'm not coming out empty!!!

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