Monday, August 20, 2018

Prayer for when you're Overwhelmed with Grief

We've been overwhelmed with grief; come now and overwhelm us with gladness.

Replace our years of trouble with decades of delight.

Let us see your miracles again, and let the rising generation see the glorious wonders you're famous for.

O Lord our God, let your sweet beauty rest upon us and give us favor.

Come work with us, and then our works will endure, and give us success in all we do.

Psalm 90:15-17
The Passion Translation

Aaronic Blessing

Adonai will kneel before you presenting gifts and will guard you with a hedge of protection.

Adonai will illuminate the wholeness of His being toward you bringing order and He will beautify you.

Adonai will lift up His wholeness of being and look upon you and He will set in place all you need to be whole and complete.

Numbers 6:24-26
Translation from the Ancient Hebrew Pictograph Language