Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday July 19, 2012

Thursday July 19, 2012

You can't break the spirit of poverty with a calculator!
We wrestle not against flesh and blood! Ephesians 6:12-18

Set your eyes on GOD in the difficult situation and Bee Thankful!
Psalm 100

Radical praise will break chains!
Acts 16:25,26

Agreement in prayer, GOD will bring it to pass! Matthew 18:19
Agreement in Word AND Spirit, in Harmony as ONE!
Hold fast to your prayer (confession of faith) Without Wavering! Hebrews 10:23

Matthew 18:18
Binding gains authority!
Unlocking doors looses boundaries!

Keep your mind on GOD and don't worry about anything!
Philippians 4:6,7
GOD is your Peace!
Take your worries and turn it into a prayer! Worry is pride, it's a negative meditation!
Pray in Jesus' Name... John 15:7
Pray with a believing heart... Mark 11:23,24
Don't doubt with your mind, believe with your heart!
See by faith, don't struggle with doubt and don't be confused!
Believe and trust in your heart!
Psalm 138

Jesus is constantly interceding to GOD on our behalf as the righteousness of Himself
Romans 8:26
Bee BOLD and Confident!
Prayer for each other... Ezekiel 22:30
GOD is looking for someone to stand in the gap!

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