Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dr. Bill Winston

Dr. Bill Winston

I will NEVER be broke another day in my life!!!
My needs are met by my giving!
Isaiah 9:7
The Kingdom of GOD
Life that is ordered by Faith
Another level of power joy and prosperity
Galatians 3:5-9, 13
I receive healing
I receive abundance, thru The Blessing on my life thru Christ Jesus
Genesis 24:1the LORD had blessed Abraham in ALL things
Genesis 24:35
When Adam sinned he lost the Blessing

Genesis 20:1 Abimelech
You can't take blessed folk
Abraham and Sarah

One experience will change people
It's called the GOD Factor
In the world not of it
Build people up
Seek first the Kingdom of GOD
Matthew 13:31
People are poor because they lack knowledge, not money

I am a seed, GOD is sowing me into the environment He wants me to grow in.

Trying to figure out how to stop the devil will lead you into struggle and toil!!

Pray first in the Holy Ghost, all the answers from Wisdom!
One, where've GOD plants you is your jurisdiction.
Romans model
Ability to think for yourself
Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords
Galatians 4:1
Stay hungry for the Word

The Blessing is released by FAITH in the Blessing
Isaiah 51:1-3
I'm blessed forever
What you cannot see is controlling what you can see

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