Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Memorial for Dad

My Memorial for Dad

My Hearts in Heaven Today
My Treasure
My Father was Ushered
Into the Glory of Heaven
To Meet Our Beloved
Beautiful Jesus Christ
On Thursday
February 2, 2017

My Dad taught me how to love
My Dad taught me how to stand up for something I believe in
My Dad taught me how to be patient
My Dad taught me how to listen and the importance of forgiveness
My Dad taught me how to pray
He taught me how to pray...MORE
My Dad taught me that life is a gift and we should value every moment
My Dad taught me about Jesus and His Love and one day I'll meet our Beloved Savior and I hope you do too

Well done, Dad

Henry Leon Gager
October 22, 1939
February 2, 2017


Friday, February 10, 2017

Prayer for Pastors

Prayer for Pastors

Abba Father, I thank You that our pastors are faithful,
and that You preserve them.
That they abound with blessings,
and do not grow weary in well doing.
That You who began a good work in them will perfect it.
They are Your workmanship created in Christ Jesus,
and equipped in every good thing to do Your will.
Work in them that which is well-pleasing in Your sight.
Let all grace abound toward them, having sufficiency in all things,
and an abundance for every good work.
Because they have sowed bountifully, they will reap bountifully,
and whether they plant or water, Father, You give the increase.
I pray that they continually triumph in Christ,
diffusing the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.
That all blessings come upon them and overtake them,
because they obey the voice of their God.
Instruct them and teach them in the way they should go;
reveal the deeper things of God to them by Your Spirit.
Let them be vessels of honor, sanctified and useful for the Master,
prepared for every good work.
Shepherding the flock willingly, eagerly, and being an example to them.
Their speech and preaching is in demonstration of the Spirit and power.
And they are instant in season and out of season to preach the Word.
Every place the soles of their feet tread upon has been given to them.
They are strong and of good courage for You, Lord, go with them.
They wait on You, and You strengthen them in their heart.
Help them set in order things that are lacking,
and appoint elders in every city.
I tear down the strongholds over the pulpit.
I lift up our pastors and cover them
with the blood of Jesus.
Sickness and disease shall in no way come near them,
for they are redeemed from the curse of the law.
NO weapon formed against them will prosper,
and every tongue rising against them shall be shown to be in the wrong.
Father, let the gifts and anointings on their lives come forth.
Birth the things that You have spoken to them in their hearts,
as they continually give themselves to prayer
and the ministry of the Word.
In Jesus Name, Amen!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

My Hearts in Heaven Today

My Hearts in Heaven Today
My Treasure
My Father was Ushered
Into the Glory of Heaven
To Meet Our Beloved
Beautiful Jesus Christ
On Thursday
February 2, 2017

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Helping the poor and homeless... Giving Tuesday

Helping the poor and homeless... Giving Tuesday

1. Heart healthy food
(Read this article: Top 11 Heart-Healthy Foods http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/11-top-heart-healthy-foods?page=1)
2. A lot of poor/homeless don't have places to cook canned/fresh food...so the answer would be gift cards for SUBWAY, Cumberland Farms, Boston Market, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Chick-Fil-A, Wawa, and Panera Bread.
Gift cards for Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS are also helpful for personal items. Gift cards and cash for gas is helpful too, especially if they live in their car.
3. Some poor/homeless can't afford laundry facilities, offering to wash/return the clothes is extremely helpful
4. A lot of poor/homeless people aren't in good health, offering vitamins are helpful.
5. Many poor/homeless people are discouraged/depressed, A Kind Word helps, a cup of coffee, prayer helps, take them for a haircut, give a listening ear, and show them love!
6. If you've once been poor or you just want to give back or pay it forward to God, would you consider taking a soul into your home?

Remember one word, one kind deed, and a smile can change someone's day!
You can Save a Life before you Save a Soul!

If you would like to help the homeless, please consider sending A GIFT TO A FRIEND!


Prayer of Hope

Prayer of Hope

Abba Father,

You promised that You would be with us wherever we go.
You promised that Your angels would guard our steps.
You told us to be strong and very courageous.
Help us know the best plan you have laid out for our lives, You know the plans, the one that gives us hope and a future!
Help us keep our eyes on Jesus whatever storm we are in.
Help us not look at the hurricane winds or the stormy seas, but keep our focus on the Master who said "Peace be still!"
Help us to be still, You told us to come to You all who are weary and heavy ladened and You would give us rest.
Jesus gives us the rest that will heal our body, soul, mind and spirit.
Refresh our spirits and give us the mind of Christ.
Thank You for the Heavenly Armor that protects us.
We aren't alone in this world, in this journey we call life, You gave us so much more that we haven't even imagined yet.
You know us, Abba Father, we trust You with all our hearts, we are Your children!
Thank You for sending Your Son who gave His Love for us!
We are Eternally Grateful <3 Amen!


© 2016 Bee Happy Inspirations

Permission granted to share <3

Giving Hope on Giving Tuesday

Giving Hope on Giving Tuesday 

Treat the Messiah as Holy, as LORD in your hearts; while remaining always ready to give a reasoned answer to anyone who asks you to explain the HOPE you have in you — yet with humility and fear.
1 Peter 3:15

1. Model Hope, Be an Example wherever you go and whoever you meet
2. Giving Gifts of Hope, Encourage Others, Accept Others, Love Others, Caring for Others Needs and Connect with Others
3. Give them Jesus

Blessings Over You

Blessings Over You

Deuteronomy 1:11
Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

May Adonai, the God of your ancestors, increase you yet a thousandfold and bless you, as He has promised you!

Deuteronomy 8:18
Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

Remember Adonai your God, because it is He who is giving you the power to get wealth, in order to confirm His covenant, which He swore to your ancestors, as is happening even today.


Job 22:25-28
New King James Version (NKJV)

Yes, the Almighty will be your gold
And your precious silver;
For then you will have your delight in the Almighty,
And lift up your face to God.
You will make your prayer to Him,
He will hear you,
And you will pay your vows.
You will also declare a thing,
And it will be established for you;
So light will shine on your ways.

Job 22:25-28
Names of God Bible (NOG)

Then Shadday will become your gold
and your large supply of silver.
Then you will be happy with Shadday
and look up toward Eloah.
You will pray to Him, and He will listen to you,
and you will keep your vow to Him.
When you promise to do something, you will succeed,
and light will shine on your path.

Job 22:25-28
Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

And let Shaddai be your treasure
and your sparkling silver;
then Shaddai will be your delight,
you will lift up your face to God;
you will entreat Him, and He will hear you,
and you will pay what you vowed;
what you decide to do will succeed,
and light will shine on your path!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Hope and Healing Center

Hope and Healing Center

We help people everyday by prayer and meeting people and going places to provide food and clothes. We extend open the doors to our home so people can have a place to stay for a night or two. We help people get established with a post office box so they can have an address. We give ideas where the best place to go to have a shower at. Where to go to get a good meal. Our goal is to have a Hope and Healing Center where people can come in and receive help that they need. This is needed and I thank you for your love and prayers and your help.

Will you prayerfully consider sending a gift via Paypal.me/Go2Hope

Thank you for blessing us and our efforts to spread Hope and Healing via text, email, Facebook, in person and throughout many generations.

Never Stop Believing in HOPE Because Miracles Happen Everyday!!!

Your gifts are a soothing aroma, a sacrifice that God accepts and with which He is pleased. My God will richly fill your every need in a glorious way through Christ Jesus. Glory belongs to our God and Father forever! Amen.
Philippians 4:18-20


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Say NO To Suicide

Say NO To Suicide

Say YES To Life


Rooted in the Depths of LOVE
iStand Tall above the Storms of Life
iSwim Among the Stormy Waves
iSoar Above the Turbulent Winds

Time has come for Change
A New Way of Thinking
A New Way to See
A New Way to Feel
The Light has Come and Renewed My Life

A Prayer to Be Reborn:
Jesus, I put all my hope in You, I feel lost and I want to be found. I believe You came to my heart today, I was looking for someone to save me. I believe that You died for me, that when You died You took my place! I believe You rose into Heaven, and when You rose, You took all the pain in my heart, and brought me to New Life! I Love You Jesus, thank You for Loving me. Amen!

You're now Reborn! You're a New Creation in Jesus, old ways are gone, you have become NEW! Welcome to the Family of God!

To start your New Life, I will send you the Gospel of John and a Special Coin with A Message from God just for you!
Email: go2hope@yahoo.com