Friday, January 23, 2015

A Bee Happy Dream and A Vision of Hope

A Bee Happy Dream and A Vision of Hope

We all need rest, we've all been in some type of emotional and physical pain. It's so essential that if you miss time, your body and mind will suffer. I've experienced loss of proper sleep by being in emotional and physical pain. I've lost a home, had to put everything I owned in storage, gave my belongings away, been homeless, lived and traveled in my car. Been blessed to have a car, never missed a car payment. I've met other homeless people who don't have a car to rest or travel in. Some have lost their home through natural circumstances or have lost jobs and have debilitating health problems. Most of all, the worst loss anyone can face is the loss of hope. There's no pill or substance that can give you hope. There's only a Perfect Love that can give you Hope. Once someone knows The Love of Jesus, He will give you True Peace.

I want to share my Dream and Vision of Hope with you. Because I didn't choose to be homeless, I truly believe it's the path God chose for my life, so I could see some things. My Hope is to have Bee Happy Homes so people can rest and feel safe. Give people hope, real hope. Not occasionally when the weather is cold, but a real place to live. Give people dignity, a place to belong. We're all part of a family, a great big family that cares for each other. When one person is broken, we lift each other up.

A Bee Happy B&B would enable people to work and be cared for so no longer would they be seen as a burden on society. It would allow married couples to enjoy each other's company. It would allow families to stay together.

This is just the beginning of my Dream... Stay tuned for more...

Email if you have any ?'s

Love, BeckieBee =:)


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Life that Shines

The Life that Shines

There is something inside of us all, a communication we want to convey. Some can speak and some can mutter words we can't understand.
There is a life inside of us all, and when hope springs forth, that life explodes inside us!
An excitement you can't even hide on your worst days!
That shine that smiles through you, releases hope in others!
Keep shining for Jesus on your worst days and the best day will open before your eyes!!!
That life we yearn for, the hope we've never let go is shining through!!!
So Smile and Shine!!!

Beckie Bee

For I Know the Plans I have for you...

For I Know the Plans I have for you... I Always see the LORD before me! He is at my right hand so that I WILL NOT BE SHAKEN & so my heart is glad & my tongue Rejoices! Even my body rests in HOPE!... I'm asking our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ to BLESS You Effective Immediately and Suddenly Exceeding ALL your needs! ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! AMEN!


Google CODE BLUE SHELTER in your area to find a place to stay when it's too cold.

1. Grab yourself a $10/month gym membership at Planet Fitness so you stay clean, you'll need money down, a checking account and ID.
2. If you're camping out in your car, make sure you park overnight in a well lit area where other cars park (like a hotel). It's VERY Important to park next to other cars so you won't be bothered
3. Try to have three outfits and wash your laundry often. Dress nicely everyday.
4. Eating out can be difficult if you don't have too much money, but there are places like Panera Bread and Starbucks that have a point system where you can earn free food! I eat at Starbucks almost everyday! They have FREE Wifi and you can have unlimited coffee and tea refills all day long with the GOLD CARD once you accumulate 30 stars, one item=one point, so buy one item at a time. Also watch your email for special offers for extra stars.
5. There is NO SHAME in asking for help! I've learned plenty of times to ask for help! People have often said to me: it's a shame I didn't know, I would have helped!
6. Prayer changes things!