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Thursday May 30, 2013

Blueprint for Maturity

When you're doing the Will of GOD, He keeps you Safe!

2 Timothy 1:7

Ephesians 1:15-23
We were raised up with Jesus when He ascended to Heaven! Jesus is above ALL Names! Everything under Jesus is under you too!!! Use His Name! Jesus gave us His Authority! Jesus is the Head of the Church and we are His Body! We have the Power behind the Badge! All Heaven backs what you do!
Authority: right to use Power! Through GOD's Grace!
How much do you want to use what GOD gave you?
Grace is what Jesus gave you by His Love! Faith is using it! DEPEND on His Grace! Faith takes what Grace gave, Believes it and Acts in it!

I already have in Christ all the gifts available to me that I need

Ability to use the gifts God gave me

A Treasure of Wisdom and Insight
Colossians 2
Hidden in Christ
Law of Transfer to live it out everyday
BE Willing and Obedient!
Attitude of Hunger and Thirst for the Holy Spirit will set you up for the Revelation! Hear and See!
The Word: inside your heart!

Drawn out like Streams of Living Water!

Ephesians 2:1-10

The whole world is a Graveyard!
Someone needs to tell them about the Life in Christ Jesus!
Who will go?!?
Our spirit once was dead, and separated from God!

Bob Yandian
One Flesh (book)

BE Confident
Secret things
The Holy Spirit will show you things to help you understand!
You were elected BEFORE the foundation of the world because He LOVED You!
GOD's Love Never Changes!
He took your place and gave you His Righteousness!
You can't get it, you just have to Receive it!
Grace and Faith are a Gift of GOD!
The Holy Spirit is the Revealer of Truth!
You have the Authority to pull down the blindness over the unbelievers mind! War in prayer for the lost! Everywhere, Everyday!
God will give the Increase!
God looks at the motive of your Heart!
No walls in my mind! Christ is with me wherever I go!
BE Separated not contaminated!
The Lost will be affected by Christ in you! We are Salt and Light!
Don't Hibernate! Integrate and Infiltrate! You better have more TRUST in God than fear in the devil!
KNOW who you are in Christ!

Jesus was called the Friend of sinners!
A Friend sticks closer than a brother!

The power in you is greater than ANYTHING the enemy can throw at you!

We are Christ's workmanship!
A person who doesn't know Jesus can't do Good Works!
Divine Good vs. human good!
A dead thing CAN'T make a Good Thing!
There is no Book of Works!
There is ONLY a Book of Life!

Believers don't go to The Judgement!

**I send you the Gift of Love and Laughter, A Peaceful Heart, A Hopeful Dream, JOY today and forever after!!!** Love, BeckieBee

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Prayer for Home


You are Loved!

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Thursday May 16, 2013

Blueprint for Maturity

Ephesians 1:11-21
Holy Spirit inspired
God chose us to share His Love with us!
Jesus is the High Priest of our confession!

Chapter 1: God the Father
Chapter 2: God the Son
Chapter 3: God the Holy Spirit

Jesus is the Last Adam
1 Corinthians 15

Spiritual Blessings:
Eternal Life
Eternal Purpose is everything God made you for
Eternal Love
God blessed me with every spiritual gift to do carry out my purpose

Know what you have
Be willing to pursue knowledge in the Word of GOD
Called out: 1 John 2
Practical and Spiritual
The Secret Attraction
Divine Attraction
Divine Setup
Stay in the Flow of the Holy Ghost
The American Dream is a LIE
Jesus didn't care about what anybody thought about Him!!!

You don't have to work for your inheritance!
We are Joint heirs with Christ!!!
We were Born into the Family of GOD!!
The Inheritance is ours because Jesus died to give us Life!!!
Money can't buy it!
Spiritual Blessings lead to natural blessings!!!
You have it before you see it because you have Hope!
Hope comes before Faith!
Hope is of the mind, Faith is of the Spirit!

I have a partner for every problem and every problem is a PROMOTION
Launching Pad
Every Problem is attached to the Promise!
GOD will give you the Desire of your Heart
GOD will give you The BEST thing for you at the Moment

GOD will supply ALL your Need, not all your GREED
GOD will meet us where we are and take us where we need to go

GOD will give you The balance between practical and stupid

The key to faith is to SEE with the eyes of Hope and Faith will keep you going to your goal
Faith is an Adventure

V 15: Hallelujah!!!
The Wisdom of GOD is already in my spirit in Jesus Christ
Revelation is Knowledge that is of the Kingdom of God that is not known to the human mind. It is revealed through the Holy Spirit

Love is Kind
Think and see with your mind
The eyes are just openings for what the mind can see!
Renew your mind according to what you see in the Spirit

The Word is the only thing that will Transform and renew your mind
From the inside out
Be an Open target for GOD's Mercy, put yourself in Position
John 16
GOD will show us things to come
The Holy Spirit is a Genius and He lives inside you!

Predestined is Pre-designed


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**I send you the Gift of Love and Laughter, A Peaceful Heart, A Hopeful Dream, JOY today and forever after!!!** Love, BeckieBee

Joy of Life 2013

Joy of Life

Who I am in Christ

Welcome Baby G

Bee Happy Coupon

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Cleaning Bee

To Trust

To Trust

Hearts that Trust in the LORD are given Wings to Fly when they have no strength of their own!

We can either see ourselves as a victim and become bitter over our circumstance


We can see ourselves as Victorious Overcoming the Challenges of Daily LIFE!!!

Greater is HE that IS IN us than he that is in the World!!!

Love, BeckieBee
May 13, 2013

**I send you the Gift of Love and Laughter, A Peaceful Heart, A Hopeful Dream, JOY today and forever after!!!** Love, BeckieBee

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Sweet Hour of Prayer

Hymn *Sweet Hour of Prayer! Sweet Hour of Prayer! That calls me from a world of care, and bids me at my Father's throne, makes all my wants and wishes known!* **In seasons of distress and grief, my soul has often found relief, and off escaped the tempter's snare, by thy return, sweet hour of prayer!**

Happy Mother's Day

Hymn **Jesus! Worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us! Son of GOD and Man, You are High and Lifted UP! That all the world will Praise Your Great Name!** **Redeemer!! My Healer!! LORD Almighty!! My Saviour!! Defender!! You are My KING!!**~Jesus~All the world will praise Your Great Name~

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Beautiful May Rose @}~~~

Isn't she beautiful :-) Rosa May