Sunday, July 01, 2012

Lighthouse Tabernacle

Lighthouse Tabernacle
Pastor Phil Caparole

One Small Step
Luke 16:10
Bee Faithful in the little things
Nehemiah 2:1-10
Run with perseverance
There are a lot of small steps between big decisions and big results.
Choose the Holy complications rather than sinful complications!
Six principles:
1. Stand FIRM
Stand your ground
Prayer is the answer
2. Bee Faithful starts with perspective
What's your response to the opposition?
Bee Determined
Nehemiah 4:9
Bee Vigilant
3. Do what you can...NOW!
Do the natural then GOD will bring the supernatural
GOD never calls us to do anything alone
Do it unto the LORD
Pray like it depends on GOD
Continued Obedience
Never try to first explain GOD until you've first obeyed Him... John Maxwell
4. Bee Diligent
Get it done
Proverbs 21:5
Will cost ya some
Servant Leaders
Meet a need that you see
5. Bee Committed
Proverbs 16:3
Motion always causes friction and friction always causes heat.
Nehemiah 4:6,20
Work with ALL your heart
Stay committed thru the process, every step of the way
6. Bee Accountable
Pouring your life out Brings Victory
Iron sharpens iron
The miracle could bee someone else
Are you satisfied where your at?
Who do you rely on?

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