Sunday, July 01, 2012

HappBee Notes

HappBee Notes

Saturday 6/23/12
Went to Hava Java Cafe in Allentown, PA to hear Ian Holmes sing
He sang some great songs, like, Wind Beneath My Wings...
We camped out in our van in Bethlehem

Sunday 6/24/12
11am Wee went to the 14th Anniversary Celebration of Community Faith Cathedral with Pastor Ida Mae Simpson, a Beautiful Sermon by the Mother of Bishop Iris S. Smith
Awwwesome Service!!

Went to The Basement and some home cooking... Yum!!

4pm Ian Holmes came to sing some Awwwesome songs of Praise and Worship with his friends and family! ALL to the Praise and Glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!!

8 pm
Bishop drove us around and paid for a nights sleep at Econo Lodge... What a Blessing to the end of a Perfect Day!!!

Monday 6/25/12

Met Joseph, a VietNam Vet who is still shell shocked!! He Blessed us with $30!!!
Went to AAA on Downyflake Rd in Allentown, got directions and drove up to CF Martin and Co in Nazareth.
WoW what an Awwwesome tour at the guitar factory by Emily Boak.
Afterwards we met Austin A. who wanted to know more about different churches and why they fight over Jesus. I told him the Bible truths about Loving Jesus with all your heart mind and soul, Jesus dying for our sins, and rising into Heaven, and how we all should reflect Christ no matter what church we go to. He played some great songs on a guitar and we tried too... Making new friends wherever we go... Cool!

Slept overnight in our van: Jehovah Jireh @ Hampton Inn in Easton

Tuesday 6/26/12
(Payday) Yeah!!! =:)
Woke up at 530am
6am grabbed some grub at McD's in Easton went to Wegman's, wifi! Target for a jacket because it was cold, lol@66 degrees
Walmart across the street for a sweet shirt, $3!!
Staples for a quick minute
Headed back up to Nazareth
2pm went up to Beck's Seafood but they were closed, ran over to the Church for relief and met Wayne Guerro, he bought it 15 yrs ago and is in the process of restoring it while he, his wife Bonnie and daughter Amy live there. His daughter Amy did a beautiful woodburning of Jesus Laughing +
Met Jeremiah at Beck's when we left

Went to the Cherry Hill Hotel and had The BEST Steak ever!!

Met Joseph and his cat Webster at the Auto Impressions, he told about IONA coming from Ireland to do their First Concert in Quakertown
(we weren't able to go)

Went to CF Martin, bought Joe a knit hat, I got a music book, and two bottles of water...
Walking out I said to Cassandra F, Bee Blessed! She stopped and said Wow! Thanks!, she joined Bee Happy emails

530 pm
Drove over to Jacobsburg State Park in Nazareth
Joe fell asleep in van
I walked over bridge, met Corina and her lovely family, lives in Lehigh Valley

Joe woke up and we started to walk across bridge.
I said to a mom walking across the bridge: Yes! He Reigns!: in response to the shirt she was wearing.
We had a beautiful conversation with Pastor Travis and Heather Rich...and their sweet babies Micah and Elise... From Bethlehem...
GOD will meet you thru His People wherever you go!!

Walked into Henry's Woods and looked at GODs Beautiful Nature, tall trees and babbling brook with a side of a mountainous rocks... WOW!!! GODs Majasty!
Walked out and met Terry and Kent T. He's originally from Willingboro NJ and his daughters still live in Lumberton! Small world :)

I found a phone on the way out, called the ICE contacts and returned the phone by mail.

Went to Easton Wegman's, logged onto and booked a room at Bethlehem's Best Western.

Arrived at BBW ran upstairs with our luggage, Joe got dinner downstairs and brought up scallops for me and Reuben for him.
Took a nice relaxing bath and fell asleep
Zzzzz... Sweet Dreams

Wednesday 6/27/12

Woke up, had a delicious breakfast
Lingered until our 1pm checkout
Traffic stopped up so we turned around and stopped at Bethlehem Starbucks and mapped out directions home
Went to Wawa on 8th in Bethlehem and followed a man to Primo's for a great hoagie!!
Went to Staples and had my iPad reset but I lost ALL my pix and videos :'(
4pm started to drive home thru Quakertown, Doylestown and Beautiful Bucks County over the Burlington Bristol Bridge then went to Dodge City to put our plates on Jehovah Jireh.
In Willingboro stopped at the Dollar Tree.
In Delran stopped at Red Lobster and enjoyed coconut shrimp
Home to Mount Laurel NJ to park overnight in Our Safe Place!

Thank you, Jesus!!

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