Sunday, July 01, 2012


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Jason Pankau

Character and Purpose

Psychologists are supposed to be soul drs but secularism took over and people wandered away from God.

Character Strengths and Virtues
By Peterson and Seligman

7 Values of Abundant Living 7 Godly Virtues
Grace to Meekness
Group to Chastity
Growth to Temperance
Gifts to Contentment
Glorification to Humility
Guidance to Obedience
Good Stewardship to Stewardship

Build others up
Show up and follow thru

Bee a Person of TRUTH
Bee Careful and Discerning about WHO you tell the TRUTH to
Bee Accountable
Bee Wise
Caught and Taught
Do different things to **spark** creativity
En Thios is In GOD... Enthusiasm

The difference between expectation and reality causes depression

Living a Life of Adventure
Bee Enthusiastic
Live by Faith
Do you know where you came from, do you know why your here and do you know where your going?
How grounded are you?

Words of affirmation
Helping others to see the Color of Life and listen to all the aspects

Bee Led
Bee Led-able
Bee a Leader
People are looking for Leaders

Bee Fair
Bee Prudent, a good steward is measured
Guard your tongue
Speak Life to experience GOD's Greatness
Bee Thankful

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