Sunday, July 01, 2012

Crash Proof Retirement

Crash Proof Retirement
Phil Cannella

Being Inpatient is the path to action
Being Patient is the path to procrastination

There is no safety in stocks, bonds and mutual funds

Retirement advisors are trained in safety
Long term care without additional payments
Immune to taxes within IRA Law to 3 generations
Write it down and sign your name to bee fully accountable

17th Century School #1 last year
Wharton School of Business

Grow your IRA tax free
Understand what your goals are
Salary design
How to avoid probate
Securities are on the gambling table

Heart and soul with values
When you do the right thing all your life you don't really need notes or a power point presentation
Licensed professional is supposed to put YOUR NEEDS above their own or they can lose their license!!!

Dalbar Founder and CEO
Lou Harvey

1929 the market has dropped 18 times more than 30%

Fiduciary responsibility
Top secret
Mutual funds are an illusion
12B1 fees 1.5% every year
Money coming out the holes in your bucket
Additional Institutional fees
Transaction and trading fees 37% of your profits

A woman was crying and needed prayer in the bathroom

There are no safe bets, it's still gambling

Put your family first
Consumer care advisor

Languages Professor
West Chester, PA

It's your $$$$$$$$$$$$

Bee Accountable
K of P or Greentree
R u concerned about your nest egg...YES!
Logic Vision
Where will your $$$$$$$$$$$ Bee in the Next 10 years
You don't have equity unless you have a buyer
Government holds 90% of mortgages
Dead equity
Reverse mortgage is a failing federal government program

Ed Slot
How to Parlay your IRA

Taxes are in sale
Get a ROTH acct
Pay the 35% tax to the IRS in the beginning and then you'll have.....
Tax free growth!!!

Get everything in writing... It protects you in the end!!

IRA codes
List beneficiaries
Your at the summit
Bee Educated

Las Vegas or lost wages

Asset based long term care
Based on your life expectancy

Google: legal reserve

Non-profit bank
Federal credit unions
Far safer than banks
Larger credit unions
More benefits for you

Probate is the attorneys IRA
Wills are always contested
15/50 inheritance tax return
Beneficiaries only get the residual for the estate

POD pay on death % to beneficiaries
TOD transfer on death

Variable annunities
Ongoing fees
7 Deadly Investments
Suze Orman

Villanova Professor
Frank and Linda Gocklin
Civil Engineering
Malvern, PA

Biggest illusion is the Magellan fund

Two types
fixed: guaranteed
Credit interests
Never any bankruptcy
Never any cost
Wharton Financial Institute
Logic energy
Energy never dies, it transfers
You simply transfer addresses

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