Monday, August 06, 2012

5th Anniversary

5th Anniversary
Spirit Gives Life Ministries
Bishop Roger Samuels
Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Gift of GOD is in you, but it's for others!

Bee Radical and Ready for Battle!
But Thanks Bee to GOD who Always causes us to Triumph!
JESUS Already Defeated the enemy!
JESUS gave us the tools to decode the enemy!
Tap into the Frequency of the Holy Spirit to decode and disconnect the enemy!
Submit to GOD, to resist the enemy and the enemy will Flee so you can Bee Free!

Draw from the Place of Strength!
GOD will cause us to confront what we will Conquer!
Know Precisely what you are fighting!
Never operate from your emotions, only operate from the Place of Knowledge and Understanding!
Grow and Bee Strong!
Discernment: Ephesians 6!
Walk in Authority!
Understand your Role!
You must Pray but you also need the Spirit of GOD to confront what your praying for!
Bee an Agent of Change!
There must Bee Order in your Life to Bee an Agent of Change by Knowing WHO and WHOSE you Are!!!
Bee like Jesus!
LOVE your enemy!
BLESS those who curse you!
Educate and Equip others in the LOVE of God!
Draw your Strength from GOD!
The Armor defines the Character of JESUS!
First confront your mentality!
A man can never rise above his own thoughts!


Renew your mind thru the Word!
It changes your Perspective and point of view!
GOD gives us Victory over the way we think and our Behavior Changes!

Whatever GOD took you out of, He gave you Power over it and a Ministry TOO!

The Power of GOD breaks what plagued your family!

You are what you are!
Give yourself permission to get out!
Pray in the Spirit!
Power comes from Time spent with GOD!

Make a commitment to Bee Intimate with GOD! Minister to GOD First!

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