Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bee Happy Inspirations

~~When My people in their NEED look for water, when their throats are dry with THIRST, then I, the LORD, will answer their prayer!... ...I, the GOD of Israel, will NEVER abandon them! I will make rivers flow among barren hills and springs of water run in the valleys!~Isaiah 41:17,18~ ~I, the LORD, was the FIRST to tell Zion the news!~I sent a messenger to Jerusalem to say:~Your people are coming!~They are coming HOME!~Isaiah 41:27~ ~This HOPE is a Strong and Trustworthy Anchor for our souls! It leads us through the Curtain into GOD's Inner Sanctuary!~Hebrews 6:19~(NLT) **For the law NEVER made anything Perfect! BUT NOW we have Confidence in a Better HOPE, through which we draw near to GOD!**~Hebrews 7:19~