Sunday, February 10, 2013

HappBee 15th Anniversary on

HappBee 15th Anniversary on
Valentines Day
To the Love of My Life, Joe

I Love
holding my head against your chest
I Love
the way you reach out to hold my hand

It's like Heaven
On Earth
I want
to let you know HOW much I love you
I May
Not say it enough or show you

how we used to dance and the kids would laugh?
Lets dance some more
I Remember
how you brushed the tears from my eyes when my kitty died
I Remember
how you held me through all our losses My Beloved
I want you to know that Jesus is always with us
He's never left our side
I Thank GOD for you
I'm so Happy that GOD put us together to serve Him

Forever NEVER ends
Love, BeckieBee

**I send you the Gift of Love and Laughter, A Peaceful Heart, A Hopeful Dream, JOY today and forever after!!!** Love, BeckieBee