Friday, September 11, 2015

Do you pray?

Do you pray?

I pray to my Abba Father, I pray to my Daddy who is in Heaven. I pray to him like I am a six-year-old little girl. I drew a picture for him today I wanted to share. I told him about how I shared with others. I was just so happy and I reached my arms to him and he picked me up when I said Up, Abba. The pride in his eyes was just so wonderful. It's not really silly to talk to someone you can't see in person. But you have his Holy Spirit living inside you so you can see him when you close your eyes. It says in the word to become like a little child. In my Daddy's eyes, I am his little child* *bee* =:)

Love, Beckie Bee

Have you prayed today?
Daddy's waiting to spend time with you!

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