Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday November 4, 2012

Sunday November 4, 2012
Learning to BEE the Church!

Satan's greatest work in the earth is the destruction of relationships!

Mark 8:31-38 The Message
Restored relationships in communion with one another thru the Love of Jesus!
Bee the Church wherever you are!
The Kingdom of GOD brings all of the believers together!

Restored to relate to one another!

Do you have NEVER gonna happen faith?
Go from never to ALL things are possible Faith!!!
Get connected to GOD and then let GOD connect you to others!
Your destiny is tied in how you relate to other people!

See the way GOD sees
Behave the way GOD behaves
Let His Ways become your ways
Not self-help! Self-sacrifice!
Value what GOD values
Believe what GOD believes

GOD's in the drivers seat!
Jehovah Jireh is your Provider!

Don't run from suffering!!! Embrace it!

Letting Christ live in you and being the center of your life!

John 16:12-18
Jesus shepherds you
The Word of GOD thru the Holy Spirit helps you bear the Truth of Jesus Christ!
Yield and Submit to the Holy Spirit

Let your tragedies turn into Triumphs!!

Put down your value of failing!

The JOY of the LORD makes you Happy when He gives you Strength!!
Transformed as the Body of Christ!

**I send you the Gift of Love and Laughter, a Peaceful Heart, a Special Dream and JOY forever after!** Love, BeckieBee

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