Monday, April 18, 2016

Help for the Homeless

Help for the Homeless

1. Grab yourself a $10/month gym membership at Planet Fitness so you stay clean, you'll need money down, a checking account and ID. If you travel a lot, go for the $20/month membership good at all locations, this will also allow access to:
Unlimited access to home club
Unlimited Fitness Training
Reciprocal use of all PF Franchise Locations
Unlimited guest privileges at any PF location
Use of Tanning
Unlimited use of Massage Chairs
1/2 Price Cooler Drinks
Other Exclusive Benefits at Select Clubs:
Unlimited Hydromassage
Unlimited Total Body Enhancement
other great perks! They will also give you a free t-shirt and gym bag (when you use a checking account)!

2. If you're camping out in your car, make sure you park overnight in a well lit area where other cars park (like a hotel). It's VERY Important to park next to other cars so you won't be bothered

3. Try to have three outfits and wash your laundry often. Dress nicely everyday.

4. Eating out can be difficult if you don't have too much money, but there are places like Panera Bread and Starbucks that have a point system where you can earn free food! I eat at Starbucks almost everyday! They have FREE Wifi and you can have unlimited coffee and tea refills all day long with the Starbucks reward card. Also watch your email for special offers for extra stars.
There are also places that have free community lunches (mostly churches). Always Google the area you're in for free places to go. You'll be surprised!

5. There is NO SHAME in asking for help! I've learned plenty of times to ask for help! People have often said to me: it's a shame I didn't know, I would have helped!

6. Do you need an address? Get a PO Box and use the street address, 123 Main St #555, Anytown, MA USA. It's a Safe and Secure way to get established. You will need to go online with a valid credit card, ID and pay for 3 months. It will generally cost between $15 & $25.

7. Prayer changes things! God Answers Prayer! Jesus, I put all my hope in You, I feel lost and I want to be found. I believe You came to my heart today, I was looking for someone to save me. I believe that You died for me, that when You died You took my place! I believe You rose into Heaven, and when You rose, You took all the pain in my heart, and brought me to New Life! I Love You Jesus, thank You for Loving me. Amen!

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