Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mountain Moving Faith

Thursday February 20,2014

Mountain Moving Faith

Stand Against Unbelief!

God wants you to have all the resources you need to operate in the Purpose He created you for!

Speak what you Believe
Decree what the Word says
Faith Rises

Mark 11:23
It Will Be Done!
Don't Doubt!
The Mountain Will Move!
Jesus gave you His POWER and Authority!
Believing is where Faith starts!
Hope and Faith work together, not separately!
Hope is of the mind, Faith is of the spirit!
Hope deferred makes the heart sick.
Complete in Christ!
Faith is not difficult!

Colossians 2:8-10
You are Complete in Christ!
Satan's WORST Nightmare!

GOD is Spirit!
What you are drives out what you're not!
Perfect LOVE Casts Out Fear!

ALL to Jesus
I Surrender
ALL to Him
I Freely Give!

Romans 6:13,14
Whatever you yield to...
...under Grace!

You are a New Creation!
Washed in the Blood!

Romans 6:1
Grace isn't an excuse for us to continue to sin...
Don't let sin ruin you...
Don't talk about sin...
What you talk about is what you do...
You will have what you say!

Romans 4:17-21
You are MORE than a Conqueror!
Don't settle for less!

Promise of GOD
Strengthened in Faith
Giving GLORY to God
Fully Convinced

Don't shrink back in doubt from what you Believe because GOD will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!