Saturday, November 09, 2013

Bless the LORD

Psalms 34 & 37:4-10

Rest so that you don't have to be stressed!

GOD Releases Desires when you Worship Him!

The mind is the Key!
It needs to line up with the Spirit!
Your mind open up when you Delight in the LORD!!

Open your Mind!!!
By carrying the Mind of Christ!!!
friend of GOD

GOD wants what's pressuring you!
He Can Handle It ALL!!!

What are you doing while you're waiting for GOD?
GOD will give you instructions!
Directed Activity

Risk is the catalyst for FAITH!!!!
Risk and Rest are cousins!!!
Just Do It because GOD said it!!!

I Will GO with you!!!

Proverbs 8
The LORD Delights in You!!
Psalm 34:1
I will bless the LORD at all times! His Praise shall continually BE in my mouth!!!

I sought the LORD and He heard me and Delivered me from ALL my fears!!!

Words paint Pictures!!!
The mind was meant to carry the Presence of Heaven!!!

You can praise your way OUT of your circumstances!

I Sing because because I'm Happy!
I Sing because I'm FREE!
For His Eye is on the Sparrow and I Know He Watches me!!!

It's time you DRIP with Blessings!!!

Bless the LORD Anyway!!!

**I send you the Gift of Love and Laughter, A Peaceful Heart, A Hopeful Dream, JOY today and forever after!!!** Love, BeckieBee